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We encourage clients to bring familiar items to make your little friend stay with us more enjoyable e.g. Personal beds, Toys etc.

ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES - 9:00am to 5:00pm 7 days a week,
outside of hours by negotiation

CHECK OUT TIME - After 3.00 pm another days fee will apply

PAYMENT - Paid in full on departure (cash, cheque or EFT only)

VACCINATION - Current certificate required

  • Dog - C5 (Covers the canine variants of Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo virus, Bordatella Bronteseptica and Parainfluenza).
  • Cat - F3 (Covers the feline variants of herpes virus, calicivirus and panleukopaenia).

Vaccination courses and or boosters need to be completed a minimum of 10 days prior to boarding, including Intranasal canine cough.

DESEXED - cats and dogs only

MEALS - Individual diets can be provided for, depending on requirements

FEE - Dog $20.00 per night Cat $15.00 per night (Subject to change without notice)

We reserve the right to refuse bookings

Terms and Conditions of Pet Accommodation at
Barossa Bed & Biscuit

On the acceptance of my pet/s by the proprietors of Barossa Bed & Biscuit, I/we in return agree to the following terms and conditions including all fees and charges incurred whatsoever.

1. All fees and charges incurred in the boarding of my pet/s to be paid in full prior to or by the date of collection. All additional fees to be paid in full if the period of boarding exceeds the initial collection date.

2. If, in the opinion of the proprietors, my pet/s requires veterinary attention, I/we direct and authorize the proprietors to access the necessary services on my behalf.

3. No responsibility or liability shall be imposed on the proprietors in respect of any matter in any event e.g. pet/s death, injury by or to another pet's or escape.

4. I/We understand and accept that the proprietors are not trained in veterinary terms and shall not impose any responsibility or liability on the proprietors for any medication that may be administered at my/our request.

5. If payment is not paid in full as required or agreed to or if the pet/s are not collected within three days of the stated date of departure, I authorize the proprietors to forward my pet/s at their discretion to a animal welfare centre of their choice I/we indemnify the proprietors against any liability fees and charges in respect of such action.

6. All information provided re ' Information About Your Pet' form and on the proprietors brochure and web site are included in these conditions.

7. I/we agree that the terms and conditions apply to this and all subsequent occasions on which. I/we leave the pet/s at the Barossa Bed Biscuit.

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Barossa Bed & Biscuit - 0408 818 983
108 High Eden Road Springton SA 5235